Sunday, 22 February 2009

Stanzi's Sunday!

Just wanted to post this adorable photo of our Stanzi - the way she likes to spend every Sunday, fast asleep on our bed. She's aiming for the Guinness Book of Records for sleeping, that's for sure.

A quick question for any cat lovers out there - how many names does your cat have? Stanzi (full name Constanze, we'd been watching Amadeus when we named her!) also gets called Shming Shmong, Stansist Wansist, Stansley Cat, Winzip and Zoony! Are we alone in being totally barmy or do other cat people do this, I wonder?!


  1. Ha Ha I'm glad it's not just me! all mine have about 5 names, for example Monty also gets; montgomery burns, gommers, gommers pie, montgomms and several others if he's in the bad books!

  2. I sort of suspected we weren't alone!! I know that the friend who looks after our cats when we go away has all sorts of names for hers and thought, well, there must be some more out there like us...

    gommers sounds great, it really rolls off the tongue! We used to have a Monty, bless him, and he got called all manner of names - Mon Mon, Monty P Poley and Montypopolos to name but a few!