Monday, 20 February 2012

Adventures with fabric beads!

Well, hello again everyone and here I am at last after heaven knows how many long months (a year or more, even!) away from this blog, very sorry for the over long absence but I *will* make up for it, I promise!!!

I've now taken early retirement from both my posts with the local Council and am attempting to follow my dream full time so here we go, adventures with fabric beads.....

These are made from a mixture of fabrics, felt and fibres, I'm kind of leaning towards preferring the felt ones but the ribbon based ones are quite fun too:)
Following a disastrous attempt at using a hot glue gun (why oh why do I always burn myself when I do stuff like that?!) I've used PVA glue and it's worked brilliantly.
Initially I was winding them round a crochet hook but got confuzzled with getting them so that I could still thread some wire or tiger tail through, then I hit on the idea of cutting up drinking straws to wind them round; ta da, success at last!

I've also just done some that are wire wrapped and I'm really excited about those, no photos of them yet but there soon will be:)

<<< And these ones are now listed in my Etsy supplies shop! The first of many and I am definitely going to carry on with the wire wrapped idea, the more I think about it the more I like it:)