Friday, 20 February 2009

Success - and plans!

Well, after a lot of swearing I have finally managed to get the links to the blogs I'm following to show - oh joy and hooray!!

I managed it by deleting the Blog List widget, adding a second Link List widget and calling it Blogs I Follow. Then I went into my Profile and copied across the links to all the blogs - and there they were! Heaven knows why I couldn't do it the other way round but I just couldn't, no matter how many different things I tried.

So if anyone reading this has also read my semi-hysterical rant in the Folksy "Have you blogged today" forum thread last night please ignore it as I have now regained my rightful mind (well, as far as I ever will...)

Tomorrow, my plan is very simple - get up when I wake up and spend the entire day crafting. Something I haven't done for aeons... I've been jotting down notes on scraps of paper in my breaks at work so I don't forget all the ideas that are crowding round in my head. And if I can get just one new piece photographed and listed, so much the better.

I've decided to try different backgrounds for my photographs, pretty but not too fussy papers and interestingly textured (but again not too fussy) textiles. Loads more work but it's stuff I enjoy faffing with - a touch of the OCD here, for sure!

What, you may be asking, does the photograph at the top of this post have to do with its content? Well, it's a photograph of a place we love to visit - Wells Next The Sea in Norfolk. And I find that when I have a pretty hectic agenda it really helps me to just gaze at it; it makes me feel more grounded and peaceful. So here it is and I hope it helps you feel the same!


  1. We all need a quiet place sometimes and that photograph is beautiful!
    Thanks so much for the info.

  2. Thank you, Hopscotch! It is the most wonderful place indeed; Holkham Beach is round the corner and the tide there goes out nearly two miles...what with that and the pinewoods it's just "Wow!" all the way.