Sunday, 15 February 2009

Building blocks!

One of the many images I have spent the last fortnight revising:

The weather and the associated hazards of necessary travel have pretty much dominated the last fortnight for both of us. Getting myself to Leeds two weeks running to attend a digital storytelling course was a major achievement. Things are pretty much back to normal now, thank goodness. There's very little snow left at our level and looking out this morning we could see green on the nearest hills. And our little patch of snowdrops has emerged unscathed from the snowdrift they were buried in - hardy souls!

It's such a lovely feeling when I leave work at well gone five o'clock and it's still light. Plus at the opposite end of the day it's getting a whole lot easier to crank myself out of bed!

We have achieved quite a bit, actually, but it's all at the "building blocks" stage. And neither of us has actually sat at the craft table in ages, it's all been about sitting at the computer - grrrr!

I've spent hours and hours and hours amending images in both my online shops, properly calculating P&P prices and amending those, re-doing my descriptions, checking and re-checking my tags...the list goes on and on and it feels like drudgery but it's hopefully getting me somewhere as views are steadily growing in both shops. I just wish I could get some sales but I'm also acutely aware that I need to fill both shops to a much greater extent before I have a prayer of that.

The other thing that's occupied our time is making a start at setting up our own websites. Today we got an "under construction" page designed for my website - just have to upload the images to the server and we can publish it. Then it's down to deciding how to split my creations between my website, Folksy and Dawanda. Plus finding some more time in the day to head is buzzing with ideas for pieces and I've started a notebook beause I'm afraid of losing them all before I get the chance to make them!!

And I had some fun putting together my first Pinboard for my Dawanda shop. I chose a springtime theme (of course!) and kept to jewellery, ensuring that every piece had at least some green in it. It felt to be a really creative thing to do and who knows, it might one day get on to the front page...well, I can dream!


  1. Oh, it's so frustrating how long it takes to do all the stuff you have to do 'around' crafting when what you really want to be doing is the creating itself!

    At times lately, the other stuff has felt neverending and I've a heap of new items I need to measure and price and get online . . .

    I hope your Dawanda front page comes soon and all the hard work you've put in pays off for you.

  2. Thanks Silver Moss, it's good to know I'm not alone in feeling this way! All that weighing and pricing and measuring and listing stuff drives me nuts some days...

    My fantasy is to get up each morning and just start creating and have someone else do all the selling for me. Ah well, I can dream...

    But I feel I'm turning a corner both with Folksy and with Dawanda - it's great to see those stats creeping up!