Sunday, 1 March 2009

Self discipline - to an extent.

Well, today I finally got the "toning but not matching" necklace I spoke of in my last but one post listed on Folksy - whew, that was bit of a marathon as the site is slow today to say the least!!

Since the necklace is made with the same rocailles as the earrings I've used the same piece of fabric for the background and I think it works really well! I just need to summon up the energy to find suitable fabrics/papers to re-photograph all the other pieces in both my shops now.....

I've made a late New Year resolution and that is to work on one piece at a time and get it finished. I don't know how long I'll be able to keep this up as it's certainly not my usual way of working but I was beginning to feel overwhelmed by the ever-growing pile of unfinished projects.

I think it might work if I say to myself, one piece of jewellery at a time, one fabric craft project at a time. So for instance I've just started another necklace; this one's going to be netting stitched on to a two-drop peyote band. I haven't decided the netting pattern yet, it may be symmetric, it may be asymmetric. I've a few scribbled sketches which I'm carrying around with me to add to or strike off from as the inspiration takes me.

I've also decided to cut up the more colourful of the pieces of felt I made to embroider on and then sandwich them between clear acetate to make pendants.

The peyote band which is the foundation for the necklace is repetitive and time consuming and so is something I can do while watching the TV; the embroidery requires fresh creative juices and so will be fitted into the "hour after I get home from work" slot. (Yes, I know they're both going to end up as jewellery but you get the general idea.....)


  1. Oh, I'm useless at just having one thing on the go. I can't do it! I do like the colours in that necklace though, really really lovely, and I look forward to seeing the felt pendants - do post photos when they're ready!

  2. Glad it's not just me, Silver Moss and thanks for the lovely compliment on the necklace!

    I'm really looking forward to getting started with the pendants, just need to find a good source of clear acetate now.