Sunday, 22 February 2009

I've been crafting again at last...

Well, I promised myself that I would spend all day yesterday at the craft table and I did. It felt really good to be "back at the coal face" for the first time in ages!

I've finished this pair of earrings and have nearly finished a "toning but not exactly matching" necklace. The earrings are listed on Folksy now, the necklace probably will be by Wednesday or Thursday.

I can't describe how much I love stitching these simple little zipped peyote beaded beads. They are nothing stunning by themselves but in combination with other beads made by the same method in different colours and sizes (sizes both of the component beads and the finished bead) they can amount to something really striking. And of course, as in the case of these earrings, just in combination with other beads.

I've changed my photograph strategy as well. I was browsing a beading book the other day (The Bead Jewellery Maker by Cheryl Owen) and decided that I really liked the way the pieces in it had been photographed, using textiles and papers that complemented their colours. Of course, as with any change, it means going back and re-doing most if not all of the photographs I already have on my listings. Realistically, that is going to have to be done piecemeal if I'm to get ahead with crafting.

Ah well, going to post this now and do my second Sunday post...


  1. Hi There!

    I really do love the tactile quality of felted items,I tried nuno felting but a with weak wrist(Broken on a mountain in Wales),I didn't have the strength to manipulate it.
    Your earrings are lovely, I do like the shape.

  2. Thank you, Hopscotch, glad you like the earrings! As well as the zipped peyote beads I especially enjoy making the wire spirals, it's incredibly satisfying.

    Know what you mean about felting - you've got to get so physical with it, def not a good idea with a weak wrist! (I have to say that throwing the balled up felt repeatedly at the table was quite therapeutic...)