Saturday, 7 March 2009

Work in progress.

Finally managed to get the chores (bills and stuff) finished around three o'clock this afternoon so here's what I've been doing since!

It's the first stage in creating a pendant. Now I've finished the embroidery the next step is to decide by how much of a margin beyond the dimensions of the felt I want the two rectangles of acrylic glass to go that are going to form the outer layers of the sandwich. Also how many holes I want along each side to wrap the fine wire through to create the sandwich. Also what bead I'm going to use to bring the wires up through to form the wrapped loop that the spring bail will go through.

After that I'll do the cutting then it's down to Roger to do the drilling of the holes (I'm not going anywhere near that Dremel for fear I'll break it, I'm pants with electrical machinery!)

Then it's down to doing the wirework and deciding what hanging options to offer. I haven't any Sterling silver wire or spring bails in at the minute, only silver plated, so offering Sterling chain (which I do have) seems a non-starter. I think I'll offer either s p chain, cord/thong in various colours and materials, or ribbon.

Signing out now, have a good evening all!


  1. That is so pretty, I love the colours, good luck with all the choices! sounds rather complicated to me :>)

  2. I really like it, it's so tactile, like a little cuddle!

  3. had to come back this morning...when I posted last night, I was on my way to bed. At 3 this morning my brain was swirling with ideas for translating your random "freestyle" into knitting, I chose the wools, beads, stitches, the lot, all from my bed! Thanks for the inspiration, but in future I'll read your blog earlier in the day!

  4. Thank you all for your lovely comments!

    Nifty, glad to have been an inspiration!! I'll be interested to see the finished piece so do post about it! And it's good to learn that there's a least one other person in this world who gets craft-related insomnia; when I discovered peyote stitch it kept me awake for hours...

  5. I am intrigued to see that swuddly patch of creative jewellery get it's finishing touches "I.ll be back"!!!

  6. I don't mind the craft-related insomnia, but I don't like it when I wake suddenly remembering another word to put in my tags....

  7. All finished off and finally listed! Only took twenty full minutes for the listing to load - grrr!

    Aha, tags!! That's another thing I'm probably going to post about here as I am currently somewhere to the far left of being totally confused by tagging...