Tuesday, 10 March 2009

First in the hand felted pendant range finally listed.

Lightning quick post as it's taken ages to get this listed - but here it is, folks, hopefully the first of many:


Will post at greater length tomorrow when there's more time...

Have a great evening, all!

Edit, March 17th: And this is the lovely Folksy seller I bought the roving from to make the felt: http://www.folksy.com/shops/babylonglegs

And while I'm at it, happy St Patrick's Day if you're celebrating tonight! Saw a few guys dressed up as leprechauns in town today, looked like they were getting ready to have lots of fun. Don't know why we had our St Patrick's day parade here days ago, though...?!


  1. what - something has taken a long time to list on folksy? surely not? LOLOLOL

  2. LOL, Nifty!! I'm actually thinking of starting a league table post of Folksy-slowness-endurance - here on my blog, that is, not on the Folksy forums...!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! And an amazing amalgamation of several different skills, I just LOVE this pendant.

  4. Ruby Spirit, thank you for your lovely comment and thank you too for including me in your favourite items thread on Folksy! Thirty views after 1 day is just brill - I've had pieces listed there over two months that haven't had *nearly* as many views!!

    Off to do the happy dance...

  5. Oh, this is beautiful. Really, really lovely. And fantastic to see/read how it was made too!

  6. Hi Silver Moss and thank you! I'm so pleased with the way this piece came together and I've loads of ideas in my mind now for more. Looking forward to my crafting Sunday!