Sunday, 19 August 2012

Fun with the Coiling Gizmo!

I love gadgets and I especially love getting to grips with a new one and exploring what it can do. Our new Artistic Wire Coiling Gizmo is no exception. I take my hat off to the inventor, LeRoy Goertz, for creating something so simple and so easy to use that makes short work of what can otherwise be an arduous task, making wire coils.

For the modest sum of £12.95 from GJ Beads we've acquired something which opens up a whole world of possibilities and is fun to use into the bargain! I've been wanting to make a greater variety of wire beads for a while now but in the past all I'd ever achieved was simple spacer beads made with short coils wound round various diameters of crochet hook (well, my crochet skills are very rudimentary so those had to "come in handy" for something!)

So, here we go...

Coils upon coils, oh my! The Gizmo comes in 5 different diameters, so given that and the huge variety of wires available we're going to be having lots of fun experimenting.

Had some fun stretching the outer coil for this one... (Modelled on one of my A Level set books from the 1970s, that has miraculously escaped being "chomped" for a vintage paper pack!)

My new fastener design - this took a bit of fine tuning but I am really pleased with it! Did someone say brass is the new gold? It certainly costs a lot less and I am in love with the colour.

Multicoloured dangles, some on brass and some on copper. I love enamelled copper wire, the range of colours available is just breathtaking. And I am well pleased with how good this photograph done on my maternal Grandma's lesson plan book looks.

And to sign out with, here's something completely different! The boss, the one and only Stanzi, posing for the camera. She was on the verge of doing her silent maiow thing, where she tries to convince us she's so weak from hunger she has lost her voice. As if, this cat could eat for England! I actually think she was brassed off because we had both been really busy with stuff and had been ignoring her...

Well, that's it for today folks! I was up at 3.00 a.m. with vicious heartburn (own silly fault for eating too much creamy sauce) managed to catch a few more hours sleep later on but I am still pretty much sleepwalking. Thank goodness for that traditional old remedy, brandy and hot water!


  1. I love it when cats try to lie and say they are weak from hunger.
    Merrill used to hide her cans and lie and say that her daddy forgot to feed her.

    Cats are wonderful :)

  2. What would be of us without the gizmos! Love what you can do with yours :) Would come in hand for some earrings I made some time ago.
    Think all cats think they could eat for England ;) Tommy makes such a fuss when he's getting his food, like we haven't been feeding him for days.

    Funny also had some heartburn yesterday. Well, not funny at all...

  3. Our cat looks just like that