Sunday, 15 November 2015

With Great Sadness

3 plus years is a long time to leave a blog; I've been meaning to revive this since the end of last year but have been putting this post off for reasons which I will now explain.

On December 27th we had to have our beloved Stanzi put to sleep. She was 17 and had developed irreversible kidney failure. Our wonderful vet was very honest with us; she said that we could possibly keep her alive for a few more months by sending her to their hospital for treatment but her quality of life would never return. Basically, we would only be keeping her alive for us, not for her.

It was an unbelievably hard decision to make. She had been our only cat for several years and her loss hit us both very badly.

We decided to have her cremated, something we have never done with other cats who have passed. We are glad that we did because we will be able to have her with us always when we eventually move.

Bless you Stanzi, you will live in our hearts for ever.

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