Sunday, 12 August 2012

More fabric adventures

Following on from a brief excursion into making fabric beads (to which I will return, oh yes!) I've turned my attention to making yoyos. This decision arose from looking at my vast fabric stash and realising that I have to do something with it otherwise we will end up living in one room becasue we can't get into any of the others. (Note - slight exaggeration but not much.)

Back in the mists of time, when there were still such things as jumble sales, I used to attend as many as I could find and as well as buying designer labels to spruce up and sell on E-Bay I also bought more run of the mill clothes for the sake of their lovely fabrics. I washed everything (of course, just felt the need to put that out there...) disassembled it all, folded it neatly and put it away carefully in my fabric cupboard.

From time to time this stash was supplemented with items of our own clothing that had given up the ghost.

Fast forward a goodly number of years and I realise I haven't used any of it. Having also very recently acquired a large number of end of roll synthetic satins the truth dawned on my and I set about deciding how to use this treasure...

And this is the result - yoyo heaven! Big ones, little ones, round and heart shaped ones. And I'm going to do some ovals very soon...

Some of my lovely satin, photographed on one of my maternal grandma's lesson plan books.

  More satins. The two on the left were made by sandwiching a fine green net with the ox blood satin.
I couldn't resist using grandma's diagram of climate zones for this photograph... 

  I love gingham, it speaks to me of childhood and innocent simplicity. 

Lovely jumble sale fabric! I can't remember what this was, I think a blouse.

So this is how it all began. Be warned, if you start making yo-yos, it is addictive. "I'll make one more and then stop", you think. Then the "last one for today". Then, "oh, just one more"                   



  1. Good for you! Someone who actually USES the fabric stash - amazing! You are to be commended. They are lovely. I wish you well and hope you can make a dent in your decades-old fabric finds.

  2. I've been wondering how you made yoyos with fabric! Different kind of yoyos!.... Now wondering what you are going to do with them.... Having an addictive personality myself, I shan't be going down that route... I shall leave that to you .... They are lovely!

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