Saturday, 2 May 2009

I've finally done it!

Yes, after ages of deliberation I've finally set up shop on Etsy. Only three pieces listed so far but "great oaks from little acorns grow" as they say! Here I am: And I had one person heart my shop and one person heart an item within half an hour of introducing my self in the forums, so I'm feeling pretty hopeful.

Loads more listing to do, both on Folksy and on Etsy, but I'm having a break for a couple of days to relax and do the garden! Let's hope the weather bucks up a little, it's been odd here today, sunny and then cloudy in quick succession.

A few flower pics :

These irises in our garden just get better and better each year!

Breathtaking delphiniums at Temple Newsam, near Leeds. I can still remember the fantastic shock of turning a corner and totally unexpectedly seeing these!

I'm not entirely sure what these are, I think they are a variety of primula. These beauties are at Harlow Carr, the RHS garden near Harrogate.

Will be back and blogging again in a few days, happy MayDay holiday to all!


  1. congrats on the etsy shop, i hope it goes really well for you :)

    i'm loving your flower pics today - especially your iris, what an amazing colour! it looks like a silk painting :)

  2. Congratulations and good luck with the etsy shop! I have been toying with the idea of an etsy shop, putting it off at the mo. Love that Iris, its stunningly beautiful, the delphiniums look great too, I love the flowers but not the smell (did you notice it?) Love xXx

  3. good luck with your etsy shop, hope it works out for you

  4. Hi everyone and thanks for the lovely comments on my pics and the Etsy encouragement! As at last night I'd got three shop hearts and all three of the pieces I've listed so far have been hearted too so I'm cautiously optimistic...

    Kitty, they do have an odd smell, don't they?! I don't like it much either, so I admire them from afar in preference to growing them!

  5. Yey! Someone else notices the smell! You're the first person I've spoken to that had noticed it! I'm growing some in the garden this year, but only a few so I'm hoping the smell won't be very strong! Hope Etsy is going well xXx

  6. good luck with the new shop! looking forward to following your blog to keep up to date with you :)

  7. Hi Kitty, we must be two of a kind with smells - hope your beauties grow well and don't exude too much "fragrance" lol!

    Hi AMIdesigns and paperwhite, great to have two new followers and thanks for the lovely comments and encouragement!

    That iris really is a stunner, I'm sort of considering selling the image but not sure how it would fit in with a load of jewellery?!

  8. Good luck with the shop. Love the green bead choker!

  9. Hi Fabric, glad you like it and thanks for the good wishes and the heart - have hearted you, too!