Monday, 25 May 2009

Catching up, slowly...

Well, we are as back to normal as we can be since the burglary and a big thank you to everyone who's posted condolences, they're much appreciated.

"Back to normal" - erm, that's to say the repairs are all done but if I'm in the house alone I still jump out of my skin at the slightest unusual noise. (Crikey, it's not as if it even happened when we were at home, am I just a total wuss or what?!)

So I'll soon be catching up on all my blog reading/commenting and I'll soon be posting something more interesting here than a running commentary on our woes, plus I'll be catching up with all the comments on here too.....

We have actually been able to sit out on our patio for one and a half whole days this holiday weekend, it's been brilliant! OK it's raining now but who cares. Let's hope that the promise of a heatwave summer is true, we need it after the last couple of years here.

If you've read what I've said in my bio, well, I have to say the anal spreadsheet side of me has truly come out this evening as I've just spent a couple of hours trawling websites and (actual paper!) catalogues to get the best price for my current jewellery making shopping list and have cut something like £35.00 off a potentially £90 order by doing the comparison thing. I'm feeling suitably smug!!

I leave you with a random image of yours truly paddling on Holkham beach in October last year - chilly but fun.....


  1. glad to here your getting back on track, my friend had the same thing happen to her and its not nice and very scary take care. xx

  2. Hi Laura and thanks, I'm still nervous when I'm in alone but it's easing gradually, thank goodness. It certainly makes you security conscious, we are even looking at getting a couple of external cameras!

  3. Hi, just checking in on you. Glad to hear you are doing well. Sounds like you had a great week-end. Since I am a jewelry freak I am going to check out your shop. :)

  4. Oh Laura I'm sorry to hear about the break in...or you could get a recorded big dog bark noise...don't let them make you feel insecure..take care

  5. Hi readingsully and Jacqui and thanks!

    Hey, that's an idea to ponder, the barking dogs! A couple of my colleagues have large dogs, I could tape them both (the dogs, that is) and have it on a loop wired in to the door bell.

  6. Hit "Post Comment" too soon, lol! I meant to add "So it sounds different each time they ring the bell".