Thursday, 7 May 2009

10th wedding anniversary tomorrow!

Just a quick post to say I won't be blogging or hanging around in the Folksy or Etsy forums for a couple of days as it's our tenth wedding anniversary tomorrow and we're taking some quality time out to re-vitalise ourselves!

Here are some more photos, this time of Whitby, to entertain you while I'm gone...

Moody, atmospheric shot of the graveyard of St Mary's, the parish church, with the Abbey looming mysteriously behind.

Greedy seagulls who just love to attack unsuspecting tourists eating their fish and chips! Talk about cheeky...

The Huntrodd Memorial - in St Mary's graveyard - an unbelievable (?) set of coincidences...


  1. congrats on reaching 10 years. hope you have a lovely break

  2. Ohhh how strange it was mine on the 8th too ~ congrats to you both :D

    Ten years have flown by except when I look at the pics hah!!

  3. congratulations and i hope you had a nice time

  4. Hi everyone and thanks for the congrats!