Friday, 25 June 2010

Please help this Etsy seller raise funds to treat her dog Pepper, the victim of appalling cruelty.

A fellow Etsy seller, doubleddesign, is having a sale in her shop to help raise funds for treatment for her dog Pepper, who was thrown from a truck by person or persons currently unknown and sustained multiple injuries. The family are making every effort to find out who did this and have had some coverage in the media which hopefully will help.

This is her shop:

She makes beautiful pottery and jewellery and also sells jewellery supplies.

The link to the forum thread from her shop announcement tells the full story - unfortunately the thread was wrongly closed down but it's still there to read. There's also a link to her blog where you can see photos of Pepper.

Animal cruelty makes my blood boil, this was such an appalling thing to happen to this family. Please have a look around her shop and help out if you can.

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