Friday, 25 June 2010

I'm back - again!

Well, it's high time I made a concerted effort to reverse the pattern of leaving such huge tracts of time in between blog posts and having just taken early retirement from one of my half time posts (the library one) I really have no excuse not to!

However, since I'm currently laid up with pleurisy this is going to be a very short post to just say a quick hello and post a couple of photos of the paper beads I've been having such fun making. I'm thinking of making them in bulk to sell as supplies (I currently just have a few pieces of jewellery up for sale on Etsy that incorporate them) so would be interested in any feedback please folks!

I make them by creating an image in Photoshop which I print out onto ordinary 90 gsm paper. I print a grid on the back of the paper to help guide the guillotining process and then carefully roll each bead by hand. Then I seal them with several coats of semi matt acrylic varnish, making them water resistant though not waterproof.

Pleurisy is seriously not nice, I've been in such pain though it's easing somewhat now due to a combination of antibiotics and ibuprofen. Thank goodness for chemicals! It has, however, left me feeling incredibly drained and tired, I'm sleeping 11 hours at a time and just lying around the rest of the time. The most frightening part about it was initially not knowing what on earth it was, it came on so very suddenly; happily the doctor was able to re-assure me I wasn't having a heart attack! (Hypochondria incorporated here.....)

Lots of news to come about what I'm up to but now I need to go and make my second post, about a fellow Etsyan whose dog has been the victim of appalling cruelty and who is having a sale in her shop to raise funds for his treatement.


  1. Hope you're soon feeling better, those earrings are fab!
    Twiggy x

  2. Thank you Twiggy, I think (hope) I'm turning a corner, time will tell.

    Glad you like the earrings!

    Linden x