Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Cat and wind induced insomnia...and the craft cupboard.

Well, this is what we should have been doing at five o'clock this morning and it's also what Stanzi does best, I sometimes think she's trying for the Guinness Book of Records for sleeping!

However we weren't, due to the fact that aforesaid puss was ballooning around the bedroom and up and down the corridor like a creature possessed. It was extremely windy here last night and wind is guaranteed to get Stanzi into hyper mode within seconds. She just wants to tell us all about it, in every possible permutation and at great length, bless!

It's also guaranteed to get me into paranoid mode as I lie there wondering just how much tossing around the huge lime tree in the corner of our garden can withstand (yes, that's why LindenTree!) Colleagues in our Parks Department, which is in the same building as the one I work in for one of my jobs, have reassured me that "lime trees are very supple". I so hope they are right... And Roger keeps telling me that it's been there a lot longer than he has (which is forty odd years at the last count).

So I'm pretty bleary eyed right now and my early morning resolve to photograph our Little Shop Of Horrors of a craft cabinet to post (inspired by a blog post from Julia of East of the Sun which was in response to the challenge by Nic of Nic's Knots to blog about craft spaces) has dissolved as I am somewhere near to the left of exhausted. Tomorrow, all being well - prepare to be horrified! (It's not that bad, really...)

More pics of the early morning madness cat, in awake yet relaxed mode!


  1. You have to blog about your craft cupboard. So far only East of the Sun has joined me in this :)

  2. This makes me so happy,and sad at the same time! We had a cat called Snoopy who looked just like your Stanzi.
    I love your photo of her relaxing because Snoopy used to be like a fluffy rag doll whenever I picked him up, a really chilled cat!

  3. Hi Nic, got it on my schedule for tomorrow when the sun's out (I [probably shouldn't really say that, with it being a Bank Holiday...!)

    Hi Hopscotch, nice to see you again! Your Snoopy sounds like he was so lovely, bless. There's one pic of Stanzi I really must find because she is lying on her back, almost completely flat, it looks so sweetly comical!

  4. Crazy cat pics! Stanzi looks like she has been very busy. Ours love scratching really loudly at OPEN doors during the night! You might like these... and

  5. Hilarious videos, Fabric, thank you - and soooo true!! I love how at the end of the wake up one the cat just sits and points at its mouth; we truly are their "staff", bless them...