Sunday, 18 January 2009

The First Post - Not The Last!

I've been promising myself for months now that I will start a blog and the day has finally arrived! What will I be blogging about? Well, crafting will be the main topic, sharing the creations for sale in my Folksy shop - see My Favourite Links. You'll also see "how to" posts and posts about the work of other talented crafters on Folksy.

And as well as crafting I'll be posting about cats, gardening, history, holidays and - oh, well, how will I know until it arrives?!

I'm very new to Folksy and am still working hard to fill my shop and get it looking how I want it. All this on top of a full time job! Last weekend we worked solidly on the photographs and I'm pretty pleased with the results.
I'm especially happy with the two you can see here! There will be more tweaking, of course - I'm an OCD Virgo, after all. And there'll also soon be something other than jewellery in the shop as I have recently got the felting bug and am planning a series of felted and embroidered bags.

Why Under The Lindens? Just two reasons, really. One: we have a stunning lime tree in the corner of our garden. Two: in the garden of my junior school there was a beautiful avenue of lime trees that I loved to walk in.


  1. I'm a slightly OCD Virgo too :) My blog is on it's fifth or sixth major design revamp and it's only been running about 4 weeks!!!

    I had almost exactly the same colours first time round on mine!

  2. Hi Rach and thank you for being my very first comment on my very first blog entry!

    I'm definitely going to be doing a colour re-vamp this weekend as I've realised that white on pale green = invisible...